Sumadhura Folium Phase 1

Functions as a home,
feels like a holiday destination

Folium by Sumadhura is ‘grown’ and ‘preserved’ as much as it is ‘built’. The neighbourhood is not just about green spaces overlapping living spaces, but a pleasant symbiosis of the two.

When you become a resident at Sumadhura Folium, you enter a holistic path to better health and wellbeing. The abundance of outdoor spaces and soulful abodes of nature encourage you to live mindfully.

Designed by experts.
Enhanced by nature.

Appropriately shaped like a leaf-like structure, the Folium by Sumadhura is spread over a majestic landscape that offers more than what you can imagine – both natural and man-made.

Our consultants shared a vision to create an exceptional neighbourhood with an unwavering set of standards. From perfecting the finest details to tackling colossal challenges, they showcased values of superior craftsmanship and an enduring commitment to the project.

Be spoilt for choice

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all dream home. We consulted experts to come up with a multitude of meticulously designed layouts that cater to a spectrum of preferences.

With Folium’s Club Royale, daily life is never mundane. The extensive clubhouse nurtures the community lifestyle and houses everything you need to savour life to the fullest. A great place to unravel, cultivate habits, socialise and hold events. This is recreation, at its absolute best!

Designed in a ‘contemporary luxury’ style, balancing the aura of grandeur with cosy undertones

With avenues of escapism all around you, your home will be nestled amidst lush green expanse. Every space, indoor and outdoor – supplements your physical and mental wellbeing. Serenity. Inside and out.

With so many nature attractions and sports areas, the outdoors never ceases to amaze you

With a placid lake close by, every random glance outside your window could get you engrossed with moments of serendipity. Needless to say, the 200 metres long lake-facing promenade will be an iconic part of your neighbourhood.

With a lake next door, you can wake up to scenic views everyday

Folium brings together people who believe in a way of life that prioritises peace and wellness. Your neighbours would be people who have thoughtfully chosen to balance their aspirations with idleness. With a dedicated coworking studio, Folium also embraces the new normal of hybrid work.

Enjoy the pleasant company of like-minded neighbours




Time to leap out of the screen and experience Folium with all your senses! Please share your details and we will roll out a green carpet for your visit.

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