Sumadhura Folium Phase 1


With Folium’s Club Royale, daily life is never mundane. The extensive clubhouse nurtures the community lifestyle and houses everything you need to savour life to the fullest. A great place to unravel, cultivate habits, socialise and hold events. This is recreation, at its absolute best!

The pandemic experience has led to a renewed interest in community engagement. That is why the core concept of the clubhouse revolves around community living. The amenities fulfil every facet of life – home, work, fitness and social connection.

The design approach is rooted in ‘contemporary luxury’ – expressed through neutral yet exciting colour and material palette. The exterior façade sets a bold statement with its dashing lines and rhythmic structure. The reception spaces are clad in an aura of grandeur, while the rest of the clubhouse adopts a ‘mid-century modern’ style – characterised by sleek lines, pops of bold colours, minimal ornamentation and cosy undertones. Be it a dynamic arena for sports, or a serene meditation spot, every space has a sense of warmth and liveliness.

Luxurious Recption

Your guests will have a spectacular first impression with a 5-star style reception!

Convenience Store

All you need, right around the corner.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The perfect venue to host all shades of colourful events.


Your children can have a whole day of learning and fun in this creche.

Lounge Cafe

Sports themed lounge cafe to sit back and relax.

Movie Theatre

Catch a blockbuster movie on the community’s big screen

SPA and Salon

Luxury spa to pamper your soul!

Games Area

Pool table and table tennis zone for endless hours with friends

Cards Room

The ace of all card rooms! Helps seniors unwinds for hours. Needless to say, perfect for anyone else too.


Luxury gym that’s ‘super fit’ for strength training and cardio programs

Badminton Court

Two large badminton courts with tournament standard finishes

Squash Court

A game or two to squash your calories!

Yoga Space

Where yoga enthusiasts stretch the possibilities of their body and mind.