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    Nourish your soul with expansive gardens, covering 20,235 sft. Embrace the lush landscape, carefully crafted for the harmonious benefit of all who dwell within.

    Aromatic garden

    The lovely smell of blooming tulips & jasmines to remind you of spring.

    Alcove garden

    The perfect secret spot for your aesthetic photographs, paintings and other interests.

    Courtyard garden

    A courtyard for those who want to see plants prosper with them.

    500+ trees

    A breath of fresh air and peace is only found among the mighty trees.

    Musical garden

    For children and adults to play their favourite rhyme or perform a musical play.

    35+ bird species

    These gorgeous birds are meant to be watched soaring high and low singing their sweet tunes.

    Kinetic garden

    Witness scientific phenomenon and principles from the books come live.

    Over 80% open space

    A lot more room to feel the beauty of the life you always desired.

    Sports and fitness aficionados in your family need not wander any further, for Folium beckons with a treasure trove of sporty delights occupying 48,660 sft.

    Half basketball court

    Practice dribbling with your friends until you sweat.


    The ideal place to socialize with your neighbours.

    Cricket pitch

    For the cricket lovers who want to play for the crowd.

    Bicycle track

    Now it’s easier to pedal your ride home in a good mood.

    Multipurpose court

    Pick up any sport you like and play your heart out.

    Pet park

    A house is not a home without a park for our furry friends.

    Outdoor fitness court

    Spend an hour here everyday and watch yourself get fitter day by day.

    Skating rink

    Put your skating shoes on and skate your way here and there marvelously.

    The outdoor is graced with a collection of refined lifestyle offerings spanning 45,035 sft, seamlessly woven into the fabric of the environment.

    Meditation deck

    Inhale, exhale, and learn to let go of all your worries through meditation.

    Sunken lounge

    Sit comfortably as you take in the amazing view that surrounds you at this luxurious haven.

    Half Olympic pool

    Dive in and take a swim in the serene blue waters of our large swimming pool.

    Barbecue deck

    If you are in the mood for some barbecue, hit the deck and cook some deliciousness.

    Day bed

    Lay under the sun, get the right tan and feel energised everyday.

    Kids pool

    Let you kids have a fun time learning how to swim in a safe environment.


    Enjoy the bubbling water massage your body as it relaxes you thoroughly.

    At Folium, the community is an architectural and urban tapestry, a stage where people come together to connect. With a collective expanse of 16,500 sft, you have ample space to kindle bonds of a lifetime.


    Enjoy special events with friends and family under the heavenly sky.

    Sitting alcove

    Read a book or watch it rain from the comfy seat of your alcove corner.

    Lounge deck

    Just the best place to spend your leisure time exclusively.

    Bon fire pit with lawn area

    Share the stories of your life with your close ones as you soak in the warmth of the dancing fires.

    Pool pavilion

    Lather the sunscreen and relax under the shade post your refreshing swim.

    Interactive sculpture court

    Let the sculptures make your day a fun one with their interactive elements.

    Folium transcends the confines of mere luxury. It is a gated haven of sustainability, designed to be cherished and explored by your loved ones. Here, everyone can have a gala time playing games and enjoying additional amenities that cover 13,296 sft.

    Wind sculpture

    Be hypnotised as you see the wind work its magic on artistics sculptures.

    Snakes and ladders

    Climb up, slide down and climb back up till you reach the end.

    Solar pavilion

    We practise what we preach, thus, we power a part of the property using solar energy.

    Sand pit

    Let your little kings and queens build those sand castles and rule their tiny kingdom.

    Giant chess

    Brains and brawns, flex both as you move across the large chess board.

    Kids play area

    A secured ground designed for the little tots to learn while playing.


    Nothing screams fun like playing Ludo. Roll the dice and make those moves.

    The shimmering Sheelavanthakere lake, just a stone’s throw away, infuses the community with a wealth of benefits. The amenities that surround this serene area of 7,657 sft where you can relax and let go.


    Walk all your worries away as you amble along the serene paths.

    Open lawn wi-fi pods

    Disconnect from the chaos yet remain connected to the world at all times.

    Youth corner

    A little fun and frolic hurts no one. Take some time off and chill here.

    Seniors court

    The senior citizens can now relax and enjoy their retirement in a private little bubble.

    Reflexology path

    Get that perfect massage and feel completely rejuvenated.

    Open lawn

    Days are best spent under the blue sky picnicking with your dear ones in an open lawn.

    Water collective pond

    Take in the view of glistening waters of the pond as you ponder about grand memories.


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