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Folium feels like a magical place that is far far away. In reality, it is well connected to everywhere you need to be – be it places of education, work, shopping or hospitality. Yes, the neighbourhood is both secluded and easily accessible, simultaneously!

hitting the refresh button on whitefield

In the quaint old days before it became a sprawling technological hub, Whitefield was a sleepy anglo-Indian settlement. Chirping birds, still lakes and the cool evening breeze have all been here far longer than any of the glass and steel buildings. Folium is an effort to reclaim the comforts of a bygone era without sacrificing the aspirations and perks that come with a metropolitan city.

Tucked away at your own wellness retreat that doubles as a home, you are entitled to an idyllic life filled with delights. More than ever, reconnecting with our environment with a sense of reverence has become important for healthy and meaningful living. Folium lets you do that and much much more.